Benefits of Polarized Glasses From Our Optometrist

Our Prescott Valley Eye Care, P.C. Discusses The Benefits of Polarized Glasses

Outdoor enthusiasts have known for decades what others are just now learning. That polarized glasses are the most cost-efficient way to protect your eyes without going broke. Polarized glasses are glasses with specialized lenses that filter out rays from light sources that can interfere with vision. These glasses reduce glare, bring objects into clear focus, and improve your vision. People who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors fishing, water skiing or surfing can appreciate the benefits associated with wearing polarized glasses.

The lenses reflect light away from light reflective surfaces while preventing too much light from entering the eyes. At Prescott Valley Eye Care, P.C. takes care eye and vision care serious. We want you to see your world in a healthy way. Take a few moments and read about the difference polarized glasses can make in protecting your eyes shared by our Prescott Valley Eye Care, P.C. in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

How Much Protection Do Polarized Glasses Give?

Depending on the type of outdoor activities you are engaging in, polarized glasses can provide adequate protection from glares resulting from oncoming, distant or nearby lights. They can also reduce some of the glares you get from water reflections.

The Difference Between Polarized and Regular Glasses?

Regular glasses only offer corrections for vision problems for people diagnosed with far or nearsightedness. If you have problems reading or identifying words and objects, regular glasses can help enhance your vision. Regular eyewear is not designed to provide enough protection from the environment due to weather conditions and natural weather occurrences. Polarized glasses, on the other hand, are specially designed to shield your eyes from numerous environmental conditions ranging from glares on the water’s surface, from the sun, and from moving objects and vehicles.

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