Blurry Vision Treatment From Our Optometrists

At Prescott Valley Eye Care, PC, our optometrists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of any number of eye and vision conditions. If you’ve been noticing blurry vision or even blurry vision with eye pain, it’s important to see an eye doctor as soon as possible. Sudden blurry vision or blurry vision accompanied by eye pain can be the sign of a more serious underlying ocular condition. The good news, however, is that the earlier we can diagnose the problem, the better the chances will be for a successful treatment!

What Could Cause Blurry Vision?

There are many potential causes of blurry vision, ranging from relatively minor to more serious. If you’re wondering what could cause blurry vision in one or both of your eyes, there’s a good chance it’s a refractive error such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or even astigmatism. Fortunately, if this is the cause, treating your blurry vision should be as simple as fitting you with a pair of corrective lenses.

Blurry vision that occurs with watery eyes could be the sign of an eye condition such as dry eye or even eye allergies, which can be treated.

Unfortunately, blurry vision can also be a sign of a more serious ocular problem. For example, blurry vision in one or both eyes is often associated with cataracts, especially in adults age 60 and older. This condition occurs when the lens of the eye becomes foggy, and if not diagnosed and treated promptly, permanent vision damage can result.

Wondering what can cause eye pain and blurred vision? Blurry vision that is accompanied by eye pain and/or watery eyes could be the sign of a serious health problem and should be evaluated as soon as possible by an eye doctor.

How Our Optometrists Can Help

Our optometry team can set up a consultation and assessment with you to get to the bottom of your blurry vision. Aside from a physical assessment of your eye health, we can also perform a number of screening tests here in our office. This can include testing for spatial contrast sensitivity, slit-lamp testing, and more. This, in addition to standard vision testing, will help us determine the cause of your blurry vision.

From there, we can begin to craft a customized plan for treatment based on your unique needs and lifestyle. For blurry vision caused by refractive errors, we can write you a prescription for new eyeglasses or contacts. We can also treat conditions like dry eye and eye allergies using medicated eye drops. For more serious causes of blurry vision, we will review your options with you.

Even if you’re not experiencing blurry vision now, having routine eye exams each year can help detect problems that could cause blurry vision before your symptoms even start.

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