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Contact Lens Exams

If you need contacts, then you need an optometrist who can check your vision & correctly fit you. Call and schedule a contact lens exam today! We provide comprehensive contact lens exams and services, and carry top brands, including Bausch + Lomb. Our optometrist, Dr. Brian Courtright, wants to ensure that your new contact lenses are comfortable and fit your lifestyle.

contact lens exam with a prescott Valley optometrist

Benefits of Contacts

Contacts are convenient and easy to care for. They allow you to see clearly without fogging up or distorting your vision. Contacts are ideal for athletes and anyone who wants to see without distractions. If you are ready to move from glasses to wearing contacts, the first step is a comprehensive exam and fitting. 

When you are switching from wearing glasses to trying contact lenses, we understand that you may have a lot of questions. Our Prescott Valley optometrist is more than happy to answer any questions you may have, discuss contact lens care, demonstrate how to put in your lenses, and do everything possible to make you comfortable with the move to contacts. 

What to Expect in a Contact Lens Examination With Our Prescott Valley Optometrist

Our optometrist enjoys fitting patients with contacts, helping you see clearly even if you suffer from a condition like dry eyes or astigmatism. While many people who have dry eyes or astigmatism have been told they are "hard to fit contacts" cases, we can help. Let our optometrist recommend certain types of lenses that have been found to work for "hard to fit" contacts. We may suggest scleral lenses and Ortho K for "hard to fit" patients and for those wanting myopia control.

We start by measuring your eyes and evaluating your vision. The right pair of contacts needs to correct your vision and be comfortable for you to wear on a daily basis, so it is essential that you see a certified optometrist when you need contacts. 

After we fit you with contacts, we will schedule a follow-up appointment in a week or two. We want to make sure that the contacts fit well, you are happy with them, and you have no outstanding questions. This extra level of attention shows how we are committed to protecting your eye health and your vision.

Types of Contacts We Carry 

We may offer you rigid or soft permeable contact lenses. We can even fit you with progressive or bifocal contact lenses, meeting your vision needs with the convenience of contacts. 

In addition to Bausch + Lomb we also carry disposable contacts. Intended for short-term wear, these contacts are thrown out instead of cleaned at the end of a day, week, or month. As a result, they are more sanitary than long-wear contacts. 

Need Contact Lenses in Prescott Valley?

Do you need new contacts in Prescott Valley? Schedule your contact lens exam today by calling our optometrist, also proudly serving Prescott, Dewey-Humbot and Chino Valley and the surrounding communities.

Call us or complete the appointment request form to set up a contact lens examination. When you make your appointment, don't forget to ask about our new patient specials. These may allow you to get the eye care you need while saving money. 

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