Fireworks and Nerf Gun Safety

Prescott Valley Eye Care, P.C. in Prescott Valley, AZ Talks Fireworks, and NERF Gun Safety

Although Independence Day has passed, the danger posed by fireworks, NERF guns, and other summer-fun items remains. People don’t stop playing and having fun just because a certain date has gone by. Here at Prescott Valley Eye Care, P.C. in Prescott Valley, AZ, we are cautious for your safety and want to present you with these summer eye safety tips.

Always be Careful with Fireworks

Fireworks are illegal for home use in the Prescott Valley area, but it is a reality that some will get and use them anyway. You may even leave the area so you can have your own fireworks show. Regardless of the circumstances, you need to take the proper precautions whenever you’re in the presence of these incendiaries.

  • Never set off fireworks while you’re holding them.
  • Never point fireworks at anyone or anything other than the sky.
  • Always set fireworks on a stable, inanimate surface, such as a road or a piece of cement, before lighting them.
  • Never look down into a firework that seems like a dud – it may go off after a delay.
  • Be careful with sparklers. They can burn at over 1,000 degrees and cause serious injuries.

Of course, as the fireworks ban suggests, the absolute safest way to handle them is to avoid doing so at all. Watch a municipally-run show, and stay within the event’s designated safe areas.

NERF Guns and Other Projectile Shooters

One of the biggest selling points of NERF products is that they’re supposed to be low-risk. Unfortunately, they are not entirely risk-free because someone can get shot in the eye. Eyes are weak to impacts and penetration, especially by small items like NERF darts, spud gun ammo, and similar objects. Luckily, it’s easy to protect yourself and your kids from harm during games played with these toys. Participants and onlookers simply need to wear safety glasses to deflect any wayward items.

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