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Eye Exam FAQ

When you want to correct your vision and address concerns about your eyes, you start with an eye exam. By understanding the process and the potential complications that may arise during a eye exam, you can prepare for a visit to Prescott Valley Eye Care. eye exam faq from your eye doctor in prescott

Why Consider an Eye Exam?

The reasons you want a Prescott Valley eye exam depends on your situation and goals. Generally, you want to get a regular check-up to determine when your eyes need treatment or care. Even if you do not need glasses or have never worn corrective lenses, your eyes may change over time. A regular eye exam allows an eye doctor to catch potential problems at an early stage.

While early detection is a key part of the eye exam, you also want to consider the exam as preventative care. You can prevent certain health concerns when you understand the risks and talk regularly to an eye doctor about different options to keep your eyes healthy. The exam helps you stay up-to-date with your visual needs and concerns.

When Should You Talk to an Eye Doctor in Prescott Valley?

Talking to an eye doctor in Prescott Valley depends on your situation and needs. You should always consider an exam if you notice changes in your vision or have questions about concerns related to your eyes. You also want to consider treatment from an eye doctor when you have any pain or discomfort in your eyes.

If you do not notice changes to your eyes or concerns related to injuries and pain, then you want to consider an exam on an annual basis. An annual exam allows an eye doctor to check on your eyes for potential changes that you may overlook or that do not cause visual disturbances until a later time. It also helps you keep up with any minor changes to your vision due to natural aging. Pregnant women, children, and older adults should consider more regular visits due to the potential risks to their vision from physical changes in the body.

What Can You Expect During the Exam?

During the eye exam, we ask for basic medical details. The medical history gives us an idea of potential risks to your eyes and allows an eye doctor to evaluate your eyes for risk factors. For example, if you have diabetes, then we may check for diabetic retinopathy.

You can expect to read a vision chart and have a few tests on your eyes. It may not always be necessary to dilate your pupils, but we may run extra tests if we have concerns about specific eye conditions. We also check the pressure of your eyes to determine the risk of glaucoma.

Schedule An Eye Exam in Prescott Valley Today!

Your eyes are an essential part of your experiences and lifestyle. When you have concerns about your vision, you want to seek treatment from an eye doctor. To learn more about eye exams in Prescott Valley or for an appointment, call (928) 771-9939 today.

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