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Pediatric Eye Exams from Your Optometrist in Prescott Valley

If you're determined to get your child's life off to the healthiest possible start, you're probably already thinking about wellness steps such as vaccinations and general physical exams -- but don't forget about the eyes! Children's eyesight develops as a collaborative effort between the eyes and the vision center of the brain, a process that can be hindered by functional issues, health problems and refractive errors. Our optometrist at Prescott Valley Eye Care, Dr. Brian Courtright, can administer the appropriate children's eye exam procedures for your little ones in Prescott Valley, Dewey Humboldt, Chino Valley and the surrounding areas.

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The Value of the Children's Eye Exam

Vision is a skill that must be learned as the eyes and brain figure out how to work, both individually and together, to create sharp, clear, recognizable images. By the 6-month mark, most babies should be seeing well. Problems with eyesight during these early years are especially problematic because many aspects of your child's growth and development, from physical balance and hand-to-eye coordination to the ability to judge distances, depend on accurate visual processing.

When your child enters school, untreated refractive errors can interfere with the ability to read books or blackboards, causing academic problems that might even be incorrectly diagnosed as learning disorders. Straining to read may also cause headaches and other discomforts, while poor vision may also endanger your child's playground safety. These are just some of the reasons a periodic children's eye exam is a critical wellness measure.

How Our Prescott Eye Doctor Administers Pediatric Exams

Our Prescott eye doctor urges you to schedule eye exams for any premature babies by the time they turn 2 years old. That’s because premature babies can experience a serious problem called retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), which can cause permanent vision loss. Other issues that may affect infants include strabismus (abnormal eye orientation) and white reflex (a condition in which the pupil appears white instead of black, possibly indicating congenital cataracts or other problems). But if you or your pediatrician notices these abnormalities, along with excessive blinking, squinting or developmental delays don't wait until that second birthday -- bring your child to our clinic right away.

Even if all is well in infancy, our Prescott eye doctor recommends a comprehensive eye exam by the time a child reaches the age of 5, or before attending kindergarten. We can identify refractive errors and prescribe corrective eyewear to help your child thrive. In addition to checking your child's retinas, corneas and other eye structures to make sure they're healthy, our optometrist in Prescott checks how well they're functioning. We can evaluate basic skills such as focus, eye teaming and tracking, pattern recognizing and peripheral vision. We can also identify issues such as strabismus and ambylopia ("lazy eye"). 

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Call (928) 771-9939 to schedule a children's eye exam at Prescott Valley Eye Care. We're looking out for your kids' well-being!

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